People who are members of a statutory health insurance system in the EU/EFTA or the United Kingdom (UK) can claim benefits assistance from the Common Institution KVG. To be able to prove their entitlement to benefits assistance, insured persons require proof of entitlement, which they can present to claim benefits. In order for the treatment costs to be settled with the Common Institution KVG, the treatment must take place within the validity period of the proof of entitlement.

In accordance with the applicable cantonal contracts and tariffs, the service provider will invoice either the Common Institution KVG (Tiers payant) or the insured person (Tiers garant). In the case of Tiers garant, the person is entitled to a refund. In case of a possible refund, the full bank details are required:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
BIC (Bank Identifier Code)
Name and address of your bank
Account holder and address

If the invoice was rejected due to missing documents, the necessary documents can be submitted as a PDF file by e-mail to together with the reclaim receipt and with reference to the policyholder number. The checklist can be used to check the requirements for reimbursement.

Checklist invoice rejection

Checklist invoice rejection

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