Anyone who is insured in Switzerland but residing in a EU state, Iceland, Norway or UK and is living in modest economic circumstances is entitled to a reduction in health insurance premiums. This is intended to keep the financial burden of health insurance premiums for one household at a reasonable level.

A premium reduction for pensioners (in modest economic circumstances) living in the EU, Iceland, Norway or UK will be granted if the following conditions are met:

  • Insured in Switzerland according to the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG)
  • Annual premiums of health insurance (including those of inactive family members) exceed 6% of their gross pension income (pension income, maintenance contributions, investment income)
  • the eligible assets (including those of family members) do not exceed CHF 100,000 respectively CHF 150,000 for households with children


The Common Institution under the Federal Health Insurance Act pays the contributions directly to the Swiss health insurance. The health insurance reduces the premiums by the corresponding amount retroactively from the start of entitlement.

There is no direct payment to the insured persons. It is necessary to reapply for the premium reduction annually as no automatic notification is made.


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