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Frontier workers

Frontier workers working in the municipality of Cham have to send their request for exemption from the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland to the municipality of Cham or to Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG. Please note that the request has to be handed in within three months of commencement date of the gainful employment.

Every frontier worker in the municipality of Cham is obliged to submit a proof of his/her health insurance.

Necessary documents for frontier workers from Germany, Austria and Italy:

  • Form G
  • Frontier worker's permit (G-permit)
  • Up-to-date insurance proof in respect of insurance cover in the state of residence and for medical treatment in Switzerland

Necessary documents for frontier workers from France:


All persons with a Swiss domicile are generally subject to compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. The compulsory health insurance provides all insured persons the same range of benefits. Insured persons have the right to choose any health insurer and all persons subject to compulsory insurance must be accepted. In the compulsory health insurance there are no reasons for refusal such as old age, existing illness, etc. Each person, including children, has to pay a premium (per capita premium independent of the personal income). Please find information to premium here:

Certain categories of persons can be exempted from compulsory health insurance or are not subject to Swiss legislation. Should one of these reasons for exemption apply to you, please hand in the request for exemption (see under downloads residents).

Every person is subject to compulsory health insurance if she/he cannot provide grounds for an exemption. If no grounds for an exemption are provided, the municipality of Cham will allocate her/him to a Swiss health insurance and she/he will lose her/his right to choose any health insurance from this moment.