The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free card in credit card format, which entitles insured persons to medically necessary public health services during their temporary stay in an EU* or EFTA** state. The entitlement is subject to the same conditions and costs as for insured persons in the respective country.

Who receives an EHIC?

All insured persons in Switzerland, including family members insured with the same health insurer, are entitled to their own EHIC. Insured persons residing in an EU/EFTA state also receive an EHIC. It is issued by the health insurer with whom the compulsory health insurance exists.

For the time being, it is not a health card, as it does not contain any medical data. In Switzerland, the EHIC is printed on the back of the insurance card.

What does the EHIC include?

The EHIC entitles the holder to medically necessary treatment during a temporary stay in an EU/EFTA state. The nature of the benefits and the expected duration of the stay must be taken into account. The EKVK covers costs for treatment that cannot be postponed until the intended date of return to the country of residence.

How is the EHIC used?

The EHIC must be presented directly to the service provider in the country of stay where the medical treatment is received. When applying for reimbursement, it may also have to be presented to the assisting institution.

Attention: The EHIC is a visual identification card. It may be shown to the service provider and may also be handed over to him (e.g. for copying purposes for the settlement with the local health insurer), but must subsequently be returned to the insured person.

* List of EU states

  •     Belgium
  •     Bulgaria,
  •     Denmark,
  •     Germany,
  •     Estonia,
  •     Finland,
  •     France,
  •     Greece,
  •     Great Britain,
  •     Ireland,
  •     Italy,
  •     Latvia,
  •     Lithuania,
  •     Luxembourg,
  •     Malta,
  •     Netherlands,
  •     Austria,
  •     Poland,
  •     Portugal,
  •     Romania,
  •     Sweden,
  •     Slovakia,
  •     Slovenia,
  •     Spain,
  •     Czech Republic,
  •     Hungary,
  •     Cyprus.

** List of EFTA states

  •     Iceland,
  •     Liechtenstein,
  •     Norway.