Compulsory Insurance

Have you taken up residence in Switzerland recently or do you cross the border to work in Switzerland? Here you will find important information in respect of the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland.

Every person with a Swiss domicile has to take out health insurance in Switzerland within three months of taking up residence (Art. 3 KVG). For newborn babies, the legal representative has to take out the insurance. The insurance cover starts at the time of birth or when taking up residence in Switzerland (Art. 5, par. 1 KVG) providing the insurance policy has been arranged within the required time limit (i.e. within three months). Information in respect of insurance premiums.

Since 1 June 2002, when the agreement on the free movement of persons between the European Union and Switzerland came into effect, not only persons with a Swiss domicile are subject to the compulsory insurance but also those frontier workers with a Swiss income crossing into  Switzerland as well as their dependent family members*.

Based on the regulations of the agreement on the free movement of persons, pensioners who are domiciled in the EU/EFTA and draw a pension from Switzerland, are also subject to  compulsory health insurance in Switzerland.

In Switzerland the (legal) benefits of the following institutions are considered as pensions:

  • Old age- and bereaved insurance (AHV)
  • Invalid insurance (IV)
  • Military insurance (MV)
  • Accident insurance (UV)
  • Occupational provision (BV, retirement fund). Within the scope of the BV the capitalized form also applies providing the legal pension age has been reached.

Insurance assignment


In Switzerland, every Canton is responsible for reviewing the adherence to the afore-mentioned regulations by its inhabitants or frontier employees.

Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG is responsible for:

Other cantons


Further, the Swiss Federation has delegated the control of the adherence to the compulsory insurance regulations for pensioners domiciled in an EU-/EFTA state to the Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG.

*Family members are spouses as well as children up to the completed age of 18 and dependent children who have reached the age of majority.